We have different options available depending on your requirements.​


Platform Base

Prices starting from £199.00

Our platform bases are a great for a long lasting solution. All of our platform bases are installed on top of concrete deck posts or on top of existing concrete bases. No timber is touching the soil and this minimises the chances of rot.

A Platform Base Is A Complete New base from The Ground Up.

You will require a platform base if you currently have no base present or your current base is extremely damaged or uneven.

Levelling Base

Prices starting from £85.00

Our levelling frame bases are a great solution if your current base is damaged or unlevel.

A Levelling Frame Base is a frame placed upon an existing base to achieve a solid foundation. This is achieved by placing packers and posts in strategic places to bring the frame to a perfectly level position.

You will require a levelling base if your current base has moved to an unlevel position or is damaged/cracked or if you want to place a garden building upon an uneven concrete surface or a patio.

Leveling Base
Concrete Base

Concrete Bases

Outstanding Strength POA

Concrete bases are always recommended first as they are strong and will last the lifetime of your building with ease. Our bases are between 4-6" deep with 1-2 layers of reinforcing mesh depending on size.