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Albion Closeboard Panels

A lot of fence panels you find will be machine built nowadays and you will find most are delivered sub standard or damaged. 
This is why when we hand build our panels we will check every rail, slat and capping to ensure its up to the required quality for years of trouble free service.

Concrete Products

Our Concrete product manufacturer is a well established and respected company. With over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing. The concrete products we use are guaranteed to last the life of your fence panels and at least the life of a second set of fence panels.


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Fencing Installation Services

Our fully trained and experienced teams are capable of any job large or small.
All styles of fencing undertaken. 
For a FREE quotation appointment with one of our estimators please get in touch.

No project is too big for ALBION Fencing & Construction Kent LTD. Get in touch today to request a FREE quotation.

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