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Albion Venetian Panels

Double Side Panels Also Available

This Venetian Fence Panel offers a sleek and sophisticated look to any garden or outdoor area. It is made from high-quality timber with a pressure treated finish for superior durability. The panel has a modern design with horizontal and vertical bars to give it a unique look. It is easy to install and provides an ideal solution for creating a secure boundary in your garden. Overall, this Venetian Fence Panel is a great choice for anyone looking to add a stylish touch to their outdoor area.


Avaliable single sided (see through) or double sided (solid clad)

Concrete Products

Created using traditional hand cast methods. All of the concrete products are wet cast and include reinforced steel rods to ensure maximum strength and longevity.

Our Concrete product manufacturer is a well established and respected company. With over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing. The concrete products we use are guaranteed to last the life of your fence panels and at least the life of a second set of fence panels.


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No project is too big for ALBION Fencing & Construction Kent LTD. Get in touch today to request a FREE quotation.

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